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Darrell Aquino
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Kagami Biraki

I'm searching for some of the significance of certain symbols in this ceremony. Being new to aikido, traditions always facinate me. Our club has the traditional "Kagami Biraki" ceremony at the beginning of each year. This being my second year in aikido, I'm trying to learn as much as possible.

The alter or table set up for "Kagami Biraki" is to be covered in white cloth, representing purity; it is accompanied by or decorated with the following items, each symbolizing an important aspect of learning aikido.

Kadomatsu, Kagami mochi, Sake, Dai Dai(this has been replaced with a tangerine), Yama imo, Kombu, Moroba, an image of the "golden hammer god", and Ebisu.

If anyone could help me by explaining what these symbols stand for I would greatly appreciate it. I have information on the first 5 symbols that I have listed but I'd like to learn more on the others.

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