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I just want to say that most martial arts are too expensive for me, therefore detracting me as well as some of those who truly want to practice. A $100 a month? even more, my god! It has taken me years to find a martial that I can once again afford, and that is because it is taught in a community center which has no overhead. But some places are just too damn inflated!

Do you know how frustrating it is to group up in martial arts in which your parents pay for and then having to quit for years do to dojo fee's, affiliation fee's, etc...?!?!

One dojo I had pay $135 dojo membership, and at the same time, some $160 for so for affiliation fees, all at the same time. Now who can afford this? Rich kids who won't last a month can. Those who are just out trying different things in life and have lots of money can. Can you image if someone like myself, who has a family to provide for, wants to practice? This is something that has cost me years training, and I will never get them back.

I just hope that these costs are legitimate (supply and demand, and a little extra) and aren't just filling the fat pockets of these instructors.
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