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I must say that most people who train in the martial arts and participate in these forums usually have this mindset:

"It seems like a real minefield to me - how to make enough money to keep doing your art without 'selling out' (mcdojo has definite equivalent in fine art world...)"

We must understand that this is not by any means "JAPAN" as it was in the days of O'Sensei's training and development of Aikido. We are a western civilization in which every penny counts. If you think back... When I was a kid growing up my dad was the only one that worked in my household and we (sister & I) never went without. I currently have two JOBS and my wife is a public school teacher and we are not wealthy by any means. Maybe some of you grew up that way too.

To have a commercial dojo does not necessarily mean you are a sell out or that you are running a "MC DOJO". I run a commercial dojo and for what it's worth I am kicking the MC DOJO's asses around my area by offering a GREAT VALUE in TEACHING an affordable class to ALL my students and not by making my prices the talk of the town. I have and continue to train students whom can not pay the dues and to my experience it is usually the student whom does not pay that does the worst in class, is usally absent or does not try as hard.

I do however feel that if a certain seminar is within my reach I pay whatever the cost to get the training, however most of the GREAT teachers usually end up teaching 200 students in a seminar and you usually don't get any attention. I would prefer to pay higher prices if "SPACE where LIMITED" to say 50 students.

In sincere Aiki spirit

Juan Alberto
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