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word of the day


SYLLABICATION: vo·cif·er·ous


ADJECTIVE: Making, given to, or marked by noisy and vehement outcry.

OTHER FORMS: vo·cifer·ous·ly —ADVERB

vo·cifer·ous·ness —NOUN

SYNONYMS: vociferous, blatant, boisterous, strident, clamorous These adjectives mean conspicuously and usually offensively loud. Vociferous suggests a noisy outcry, as of vehement protest: vociferous complaints. Blatant connotes coarse or vulgar noisiness: "Up rose a blatant Radical" (Walter Bagehot). Boisterous implies unrestrained noise, tumult, and often rowdiness: boisterous youths. Strident stresses offensive harshness, shrillness, or discordance: a legislator with a strident voice. Something clamorous is both vociferous and sustained: a clamorous uproar.

Sorry Patrik — I just couldn't resist. (I must be a very bad man.) But I learned a new word today!

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