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I understand what you mean about the hammer. The reason I disagree is that I think that a way is different than a tool.

A spoon is a kitchen tool. A style of cooking, which could be described in a book and practiced in lots of kitchens around the world, is an art. Lets say the style of cooking happens to be a way of making cakes. Then somebody posts on cakeweb forums "is our way a way of making pasta?" Well a good cake maker may make a great lasagna if he uses lasagna stuff instead of cake stuff, but so what--he has ceased to practice cake-waza. He is off on his own, using well-refined skills do something that is not cake making.

Aikido is how to resolve conflict in the LEAST damaging way possible. This is the OPPOSITE of violence. If you choose to unnecessarily pound someone out of malice, then you are NOT doing aikido--I don't care how much it looks like any aikido technique.

"Aikido is non-violence" and "aikido is the manifestation of love" cannot describe a simple tool--they describe a way of thinking and a way of feeling. In this way of thinking, violence is the enemy.
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