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Whether you believe in ki flow or not, I find visualising it useful (and it eventually becomes quite natural). If you get used to the direction of ki of the uke, and then know how your ki blends with that, it can help.

Problems often occur when uke is stationary. It is often quite unrealistic like this, and there should be a degree of flexibility (unless it is a proper pin) - an atemi would distract. If you find they don't react to the atemi try this (though it will only work once) - instead of an atemi, do a very loud and small shout! - that should be just as distracting (P.S. I've often found 'slaps' rather than yokomen or shomen atemis a lot more distracting)

If it is a strong pin, bring your hips (& centre) to your hands, and use your hips to power your hands and turn uke - it needn't be fast, as long as there is ki and then extension.

hope this helps! - these are just my experiences.
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