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Now I see why O-sensei was sad that "nobody was following his aikido."

The question was not whether you are violent or whether the skills you learn in aikido class allow you to do violence.
The question was "is aikido violent."

Fortunately as long as the techniques of the art of aikido are transmitted the way they were intended (and it seems this IS currently the case most of the time, from what I've seen), then Ueshiba's message is still alive. I hope it survives long enough.

Within the constraints of the medium (interaction of people in a physical conflict in which all but one intend to hurt the target) of this art, aikido completely embodies non-violence. Atemi is not an excuse for violent attacks and throwing and pinning are NOT violent, considering that to do aikido throws and pins you have to pass up the opportunnity to really destroy the uke..
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