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The following post involves religious practices and praying. I have no intention of offending anyone or "evangelize" my religion. Since this is a spiritual thread, I thought it would be appropriate. Please forgive me, if you are easily offended by this type of post, just scroll through.

I'm Islam by religion. I guess you guys could tell that from my name.

For many years, I'm one of those people that make many excuses not to do the technical side of my religion. The most popular one I make is about praying, "Why is it so complicated to communicate with God?"

There are times that I deny myself my own belief. I mean, I believe in God, I just don't believe in religion. When I took Aikido, I feel changes inside me. It is gradual, and it took quite a while.

I see that Aikido teachings parallel in many ways with Islam. Basically all of it. The only difference is that O-sensei believed in the Universe, Islam believe in Allah that created the universe.

The following story was told by Poetiray-sensei, who studied Aikido in Japan back in the 60's, while O-sensei was still alive:
Poetiray-sensei, a Christian and one of the person "responsible" of bringing Aikido into Indonesia, got into a discussion with O-sensei about who or what is God. Osensei was talking about the universe and this is what the Muslims and Christians believed as "Kami" or God. After the lesson Poetiray-sensei came over to Osensei and explained that in Christianity, God is the One that created the universe. Osensei nodded and said to him that the others would not understand. Poetiray-sensei understood this and just leave it at that.
O-sensei was not kidding when he says that Aikido is a supplement for all religion. I'm supposed to pray 5 times a day. I now pray more than I used to, not 5 times a day most of the times. But I pray because I want to, because I feel the spiritual need, not because I have to. Meditation and prayer is not far off, meditation is actually prayer.

I also learn more about Islam through Aikido and Budo. I'm still not a "good" person, but I am a "better" person now then I was before. There are many spiritual understandings that I got from Aikido, but it all sums up to my deeper understandings about Islam.

I am sorry if I have offended anyone in one way or another. Surely that was not my intention. Any personal comments could go to my e-mail.


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