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Aikido, as I understand it, is in it's heart a non-violent art (I ommit the word "martial" consciously). Violence, however, has become a part of some schools, that claim to teach so-called "real-life" Aikido. I'm referring to a dojo in my country, not to dojos outside Slovenia - I have no intention of insulting anyone (feel free to comment, anyway).

The sensei at this particular dojo used to train in the dojo I'm currently visiting, got to 3. kyu, didn't manage to brake the wall of relaxation, hence quit, gave himself the rank of master nad started teaching something that can at best be described street-fighting. I don't mean to criticise, but would like to hear your coments on the subject.

Personaly I regret that a fine art like Aikido has to suffer such unwanted, unnecessary and arbitrary modifications.

With respect to Aikidoka around the world,

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