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Hello all,

I agree with what Jun has stated. Eventhough I've trained with the same Sensei for several years, I've adopted slightly different approaches to different technique (for example, the methods I use to teach new students). I believe that a good instructor will allow students to "grow" by encouraging them to seek out what works best for them. I've attended seminars where the guest instructor taught us that during Kotegaeshi, the nage should use one hand to hold onto uke's hand while the nage's other hand should be placed along the edge or "te-gatana" portion of uke's hand. And then I've been to seminars where the guest instructor taught us that nage should use both hands to hold onto uke's hand while applying the "twisting" movement. Both versions are undeniably Kotegaeshi. Who is to say that one version is right and the other wrong? I'm certainly not, and that is why I give my students the opportunity to use the method that works best for them. I don't expect my students to be exact duplicates of the way I perform Aikido. I provide them with the fundamentals and teach them the techniques that have been passed down to me by my sensei. If students only become mirrors of their Sensei, then how will they exceed the abilities of their Sensei? It is the goal of every parent that their children exceed their (the parents) accomplishments in life. I believe the same to be true of Aikido Sensei. This will only occur if the instructors allow their students to "grow" and use what works best for them.

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