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Bruce Baker
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spiritual growth ...

It is a hard call in comparison to searching from insights resulting from training in Aikido, studying history and related subjects of Aikido, or just sitting down to put you mental affairs in order,and finding they are simular to the spiritual journey of Aikido?

Could I have grown without ever joining Aikido, and trying to investigate the comparitive phenonmenon of spiritual in Aiki terms verses non-aiki terms?

Probably would have taken much longer to get there from here, and insights would have been more narrow in the terms of chrisianity and its doctrines... but then much of my spiritual journey was also a sojourn into illness that left me in pain and restricted me to one room for a period of time too.

Those would be the angry days where the pain was so intense I pretty much ticked off most of the readers on the Aikiweb ...happens some of these days too, but not as often.

I think the spiritual journey, and your growth happens as long as you are don't remain stagnant. Right or wrong, the true journey is getting your spiritual house in order and letting it grow is a personal examination of your environment, your personal problems that hinder your growth, and your ability to find what works for you to find the harmony.

The journey of practicing aikido is quite a bit more gentle than some other martial arts that destroy body and soul in an attempt to reach the same goals as Aikido. Be happy you have come to practice, and there is social interaction that defines your practice, martial interaction that defines your physical actions, and moral support of your fellow practitioners that honestly have the best intentions to help you as you help them along the way.

That was too touchy feely.

I got dumped on my head if I didn't go with the practice, and I slammed people to the mat if I really did practice, so because I knew how pain feels, I learned to have a more gentle spirit.

People don't bounce.

They do roll pretty good in Aikido though ....

As far as other spiritual growth, read the threads, just like the old spagetti sauce commercial ...It's in there!
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