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IMHO, A´kido contains what you want.

It can be violent when you're filled by fear and anger. I practiced once while I was full of frustration . All that I remember is my friends saying : "Ouch ! What has he just eat ?!"
I was simply scaring them .

It can be practiced softly and calmly. I remember when I first practice with my sense´. I hit as hard and as fast as I could, but (it make me shy ) I was never able to touch him. It was like punching water.
After all, power is you could surely break your enemy but you don't.

I think a (good) a´kidoist is a mirror of his (her) enemy. If the enemy is violent, he would suffer his own violence. If the enemy is non-violent, he would suffer nothing because I don't see why I'd fight with him .

I know it's like playing words but I think A´kido can be violent. I voted it was not because its goal is to make peace ...

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