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Brian H
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Jaxon Brown (jaxonbrown) wrote:
no. violence only comes from passion. no passion or emotion means no 'violence'.
A sociopath would likely not feel much or any emotion or passion, but still use great violence to achieve a goal. So, yes there is "passionless violence." Sociopaths aren't "non-violent," they just don't give a crap about the consequence of there actions.

To me, Aikido fully recognizes its violent nature. Both uke and nage focus there practice on finding ways to avoid harm amid violence. The net result can be an extremely violent confrontation, but no harm, both on the attack and defense.

In the first month of study, I learned all sorts of things that could readily be used to harm or kill another. However, I do not study Aikido to make these techniques more deadly or dangerous. Instead, I study to make them more effective. The windows of opportunity created by my technique get larger and the need to harm an attacker in order to survive likewise diminishes.

Someone snapped a photo of me being thrown once. The throw was a completely routine exercise in ukemi and while it was a "cool" throw, I thought little of it. After class, my friend showed me the picture on the screen of his camera and I was shocked to see myself inverted and flying through the air.

Is that violence?

No, not really, but only because I was among friends who wished me no harm.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing
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