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Andrew Wilson wrote:
I just don't know of any close basketball courts. (I am sure there are some)
Andrew, it doesn't have to be precise. I do similar drills without a basketball court. If my memory serves me correctly a basketball court is 94' feet. The free throw line is 17' from the baseline. Midcourt would be 47'. You could just approximate it. I know my main drill is always approximated. I go from a bush to an outcropping from a garage. It's 70 something feet. The other day I did it an orchard with a 6 tree lap as my guide. The point for me is to be able to start, rest a few seconds and go again. How you do that is up to you. As Kevin said there are many alternatives.

Running might make sense for you because if you ever get on Cops you'll inevitably have to chase a car thief down. It's automatic, and surely you'd hate to have to talk to the camera while you were out of breath.
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