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Andrew Wilson
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Well, I am by no means your "average" person. I mean, I am training to be a cop :-P

Currently I lift 3-4 times a week, run every day. My cardio is really important, so that sprinting/running exercise might be very very benifical... I just don't know of any close basketball courts. (I am sure there are some)

As for the awareness drills, I would really love more suggestions on those. I was reading in a book "life lessons from an american sensei" about an exercise where he will group up the class and have them train in groups of three... at the end, he would require them to close their eyes and list the people training around them, so much as they could.

As an officer, I think that zanshin is one of THE most important aspects of my job... so anything I can do to train that further would be great.

got any idea's on that?

maybe that fits more into "Mental Aikido"?

"The wise man, after learning something new, is afraid to learn anything more until he has put his first lesson into practice." - Tzu Lu
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