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I've been doing some running/sprinting training. More accurately interval training. For instance my typical workout consists of finding an area about 20 to 25 yards in length. If I can square it so much the better. I do 4 legs of 25 yards as follows:

1st leg - karioke

2nd leg - high step

3rd leg - backwards

4th leg - forward sprint

I then give myself 45 seconds to complete the run. Any time earlier than 45 seconds is rest time because I do a cycle every 45 seconds for 20 cycles. I average completing each cycle in around 35 seconds. Total workout is 25 - 30 minutes with a warm-up and cool-down.

Alternatively, I've done Kentucky's (what we used to call them) which are sprints done on a basketball count. You start at the baseline and go


free throw


mid court


far free throw


far baseline


I don't have times for this however as it's something I'm bringing back into my practice slowly.

I've also run through apple orchards while slaloming the trees. The most notable one was 1:30 sprints with roughly 30 seconds of rest.

I had to work up to these times but the concept is very useful for my Aikido and I'd guess for law enforcement as well. I started doing this because Aikido is often a lot of short, sometimes intense, spurts of action with small rests. I'd also guess that if you ever had to chase someone in law enforcement this type of training would help. I'm pretty much at the stage where I can go and go this way as long as I get that short 5 to 10 second rest.

On the other hand, I also believe in lifting weights.
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