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Jonathan Wong (JW) wrote:
I was personally surprised to see that you thought in your kali class it was like studying the old games of masters, but that aikido class was different. I think every single aikido technique is an attempt at being exactly as you described this kali class/chess gambit relationship.
I think what I was trying to say was that in aikido classes I've been in, we most often work on "a technique" or "a principle" -- we might link a few together, or sometimes change to a more appropriate one for the attack, or (occasionally) casually counter.

The experience in my particular kali class was more of taking a set drill/kata which has in it a fairly long connected set of back-and-forths and really analyzing each sub-exchange in depth -- more like taking a chess position and analyzing all the options up to 3 moves ahead.

The "aha!" I had with Tim's post was to realize that this back-and-forth is implicit in the techniques -- like suddenly discovering a microscopic world within the technique of micro-back-and-forths.

I hope this makes sense.
..every time we say onegaishimasu to each other, we are stepping into the shoes of "the masters"..
That's a good way to think about practice! I will have to remember that one.


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