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Andrew Wilson
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Physical Aikido

I am currently just starting aikido classes, and from what I have read/seen, while the classes are very physical the emphasis isn't on physical prowess. more on grace and balance.

I am a near-future police officer however, and well, training physically is a big part of my life. I would imagine that "being fit" will help in aikido, as it does in fairly everything in life... but is there anything in particular physically that would be an advantage for aikido?

I'd like to incorperate anything that would help my training into my physical work out that I could. and, if possible, avoid the things that might hurt my aikido training (i.e stiffness in the shoulders, arms, etc...)

Any idea's?

"The wise man, after learning something new, is afraid to learn anything more until he has put his first lesson into practice." - Tzu Lu
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