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Ive been training in aikido for almost three years now and have just recently passed my 4th kyu grading.

Well a few weeks ago i went to a
friends birthday party and brought a very attractive young girl with me who i care very much about but she has no idea of her alcohol tolerance (not much experience with drink) anyway getting to the point she drank to much and a good friend (was a good friend) went and took advantage of her right beside me. He knew that there was something between us and he was sober anyway i lost my cool roled him over and started pumeling him, he got up made a lunge at me (by this time friends were trying to pry me off him) and just like magic nikiyo fell into place, well instead of taking my rage out on his arm i turned and ran away resulting in humiliation, a riped shirt and shame.

I havent gone to training since and this was almost a month ago mainly because the guy also trains at my dojo and i guarentee that he went in there with a smile a told some bullshit about how he fended me off with some amazing technique. I feel horrible about what i was going to do but no one alse could see it so i also feel utterly ridiculous.


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