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Willy Lee (willy_lee) wrote:
Wow, that's cool. I've never heard it explained like that -- that's like the stuff we were doing in my kali class. A deeper analysis of th' kata than I normally get.

Perhaps I need to sit and figure out the "story" of some more aikido techniques.

I think that's exactly it--but not just "some more aikido techniques," .. I think every single one, even the shortest, should be thought of in this way.

Like Tim said, I agree that each is a story, or example, that is a documentation of a particular set of descisions made by both nage and uke.

I was personally surprised to see that you thought in your kali class it was like studying the old games of masters, but that aikido class was different. I think every single aikido technique is an attempt at being exactly as you described this kali class/chess gambit relationship.

..every time we say onegaishimasu to each other, we are stepping into the shoes of "the masters"..

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