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Thanks, Kevin & Rachel.

I think I'm on the flip side of you Kevin. I tend to like a lighter weight top and a more substantial hakama. I'm one of the bigger blokes in our dojo and the 8oz. doesn't really slow me down. In fact - I was thinking of going heavier because I tend to forget that the hakama is even there.

I do have a training partner who wears gi in the natural, unbleached cotton you're looking for. I'll try to get the info for you. It might take me awhile - I slithered into work with this cold but I don't think the leftover nyquil in my system would help me out any on the mat tonight.

Interested in trying out the aiki-koshita. Does anyone out there still wear hakama sword style - with the kind of 'bun' knot in the obi? I did for while but our mat is so hard that I was getting bruised bad.

thanks again,



still like to hear from anyone with one of the indigo colour fast hakama!
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