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I am Deaf (not all the way but have a very servere case). in fact I was Born Deaf. I love to train the arts. I took up Aikido 2 years ago. I am a 7kyu. in my Dojo that is pretty fast considering the time. two one and one half classes ( children i am 15 and go to school so...) and one 2 hour class on saturday (teens and Adults round up)and I have a hearing aid. it is a problem. I got a new mold for my ear because my other one has slipped off a lot. so then the new one falls off when ever I get thrown at least 5 times. it is a drag. my teacher says that if i leave my hearing aid out ill learn more. Do any of you have any ideas? And does anybody know any device that would keep a hearing aid on during sports and practice? thanks
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