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p - bujutsu

| - bugei

Z - bugi

" - budou

All means martial art in english, but the ones that truly translate to art is bugei and bugi. Bujutsu actually leans to mean martial technique, the "how to", in other words military strategy. Budou actually translates to the martial way, this concerns the way of life. m" - bushidou means the way of the warrior, how a warrior should live one's life.

Self-defense is actually seitou bou-ei - "----hq. Seitou actually means just or right. Bou-ei means defense.

So, looking from the Japanese perspective, martial art is not limited to hand to hand combat. It has everything, from combat and battles, spying, swimming, even ways of building a castle. Sun Tzu's Art of War is not just limited to combat. The only people that is truly still in the martial arts are actually the military. Nobody actually does martial art for fun, it is serious, it is for war and it is not for one on one combat.

Self-defense style becoming a martial art, some of the modern ones, the mixed stuff, sometimes try to propose their style to the military. But the military usually already have a better one than the proposed new emerging ones. That's the only way I could see that a self-defense style becomes a martial art, when it could be used for war.

Most martial arts have let go the idea of ending one's opponent life as the only way to end a battle. Every style that ends in a "dou", usually means that it has left its killing ways. That's way there is no "nin-dou" to replace "ninjutsu".

Ah dance... reminds me of capoeira... Very beautiful to watch.

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