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Knew it was too good to be true, thought I was getting a general feel for how people thought, but I think I'm now entering a new level of ignorance (a not uncommon state for me, I'm easily confused).

So, a martial art is not only self-defence with a more intangible aspect (blame the thesaurus, I wasn't going with spiritual), but also has its roots in war and a finishing point in maim/death/kill (if desired). I'm intrigued, can anyone give me some examples/opinions of either of the following.

a) a self-defence style becoming a martial art

b) a martial art losing touch with its roots and becoming just a form of self-defence and/or dance (and leave ki aikido out of this one you traditionalists)?

Off post (but they started it), on the "sen no sen" that aiky mentioned, do you highlight this area of aikido to beginners to the art or in any of your marketing/information literature - if so, any chance of reading how you introduce this concept. The closest I've ever come to this in a dojo is the "you're looking at me funny" attack..
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