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Mr. Baker,

After reading your last two posts, I've decided to add you to my "ignore list". I've decided to do so based upon a number of reasons. Please allow me to clarify these reasons.

#1 While I've enjoyed reading some of your posts in the past, I find these last two posts quite disturbing. It seems as though you're intent on criticizing those of us who do not see the need to "add descriptive terms" in an effort to better understand the Japanese terms. Personally, I do not need the addition of English/French/whatever language terms to understand what the Japanese terms mean and from the other posts here, others share my ability.

#2 Your overall attitude towards other members of the board who may not agree with you is quite horrible. When you post a question or idea and others do not readily agree, you refer to them as "children" who just don't understand. Personally, I find this rather insulting especially when some of these "children" have years more experience in Aikido than you.

#3 The "know-it-all" attitude is getting very old with me. I would think that someone with as much experience in the martial arts as yourself would have a more humble attitude.

#4 Your overwhelming generalizations towards how the majority of us train in Aikido is ridiculous. How can you make a statement regarding how many of us seem to miss the readily apparent openings when you've not trained with many of us? Blanket generalizations such as this only point towards your relative lack of training in Aikido.

Have a good evening, take care.

Jun -

I ask that you not delete this post, I'm not ashamed of my thoughts and I'm certain that others feel the same. Thank you.

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