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Bruce Baker
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Actually Sarah Fowler, keeper of the birds thereupon, the one who cooks and bakes says unto thou ... what the heck are you talking about?

I did not say can the Japanese terms, but provide proper alternative desciptive wording.

I know the water is a bit strange up there in Connecticut, it gave me a rash when I worked there in '96 for Boat US, but come on ...

I guess I need to visit your dojo and show you exactly what I am talking about. These posts are terribly inadequete. No threat intended, but as a matter of clarity, since all people around the world do not think in japanese, or speak japanese, or spend their days learning the japanese terms for every little Aikido variation, which tend to be desciptive wording of what they consider variations to be anyway, why not add some descriptive wording to actually learn the detail or at least a short hand note of what the term in japanese means in your native tongue?

Does that clear it up?

Sometimes I think some of you are abused children who can't get out of the abused tough guy, tough girl rut?

I have a pretty simple way to deal with it. I let you try to hit me until either you get tired, hurt your hand when you hit me, or you learn to talk instead of get mad or hit someone.

Sorry about the rant to others who read this, but I do get a bit testy in the cold wet rain, and a few other posts by Sarah came to mind, and I thought I should get it out now.

Tell you what Sarah. Go to NYC and go a few classes with Butch, and ask him after class about Bruce from Long Beach Island. First hand info, and I think he can help you refocus upon your training, as he has been around the Aikido world for a while and traveled quite a bit with Sensei Y. Yamada. You really need to train with more people who have been around the martial arts circle and settled into Aikido to more than just my views from reading posts on the Aikiweb.

My apologies for the gruffness of my writing, but like a bear my posts mellow with the spring. Four more months to spring... can't wait.
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