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I have hakama from:

Iwata- ($150..back in the day) I love it, but it is really old and beat up so it is my outdoor one now. It is the only one I would consider to be perfect.

Bujin Design ($108)- I just got it 2 months ago and it is really nice. I got the polyester. It wears pretty well. Pleats lay nice (not perfect, but passable)

Sei Do Kai ($90)- Nice soft feel, but, since it was designed by a sword group it is too short.

(Not that I'm an easy guy to fit at 6'2" 270lbs) The pleats never layed right.

Century ($40)- Cheap and fairly heavy. This is my sword and kendo hakama now. Never fit right and the pleats never layed right. Be sure to take the plastic piece out of the koshiita and replace it with something that won't stab you in the kidney

Mike Ellefson
Midwest Center
For Movement &
Aikido Bukou
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