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Re: What makes a great training session for you?

Wynand van Dyk (drDalek) wrote:
Do you feel great after training because you finally managed to master a technique that you could not do before through carefull slow practice?
You mastered techniques?? I am envious and cannot wait!

To me a great class ends with me getting over a problem I have been having with technique(s). Like not too long ago I had a breathrough with sankyo ura. It was great, I left class and suddenly realized I knew the technique and I was able to point out exactly what I was doing wrong.

I have a tendency to focus on a technique that I am having trouble with, and work on that. Shihonage, ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo etc. I have found after a few classes (sometimes more, sometimes less) I usually have a "breakthrough". This is what I consider a great training session.


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