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In principle, yes, but for me the the feeling of the midgame is very much like aikido or sticky-hands practice - you move to his weaker areas, away from his stronger areas, and he does the same to you. The feeling of 'mushin' - not being attached to any particular strategy, tactic or technique, seems similar to me between the two.

Of course, this doesn't apply just to aikido.
Like you say, this isn't just AiKiDo, this is any martial art. I tend to feel (as nage) that if uke has managed to create a situation where I'm 'jockeying for position' or 'trying to outdo uke' or 'trying to outwit them,' then I've moved out of AiKiDo and into a study of martial art.

There is a great peanuts cartoon where Lucy and Snoopy are playing checkers. At some point in the game, Snoopy leans over the board and gives Lucy a big kiss on the nose. That, effectively, ends the game. I think this cartoon captures how I see the relationship between AiKiDo (done well) and trying to win a fight or a competition.

Yours in Aiki
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