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Brian Crowley wrote:
As with Chess, the only way to become fully aware of the maximum number of opportunities is to train & study; however I really believe that just being aware of the problem, and trying to eliminate it, is helpful.
Reminds me of one of Ueshibas sayings about studying to find knowledge in aikido. I think we should be constantly asking questions about our martial art to enable it to develop to the current situation - aikido would not have developed if Ueshiba had not done this. Of course, we have to understand the principles behind the techniques and also things that aren't always seen or obvious (such as potential atemis from uke or nage etc). I would welcome a real scientific study of martial arts, in the same way that is done in olympic sports. I think we would often find that the best way to do things would depend on the objective, and the time we are willing to put in.

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