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Bruce Baker
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You say chess because you plan and adapt to strategy.

I say adapt and change to meet the circumstances.

Practice initiates a variety of different possibilities for situations that may or may not happen.

It all comes down to having the knowledge to physically initiate the movements without having the mind become a deterrent in the process of movement.

If there is a clear mind, on either the conscious or unconscious level that can clearly send signals of movement without having the movement delayed, or having the thoughts enter a stage of misallignment not allowing for the adapt/ change phenonmenon, much like the chess game in planning many moves ahead while allowing for strategy changes, then yeah ... we are on the same level of comparison.

Although the reletively restricted rules, and movements of chess is the simplest level of understanding the game of movements in martial arts, it is, none the less, a viable early level understanding of how the myriad of movements can be coordinated to successfully dominate an oppenent in many types of martial arts training.

Of course, there is always an exception to the rule .... that one person who changes the ground rules ... so as much as chess applys, you need to expand that thinking to include the multi dimensional world that can change the rules as quick as a woman who is right when shen is wrong, and men are wrong even they are right, when argueing with a woman.

Go figure?
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