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Bruce Baker
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let's unload that thar question.

If we were to unload that question, I guess you had better take a deep breath, drop your caste system attitude and take this in.

It would have to be ...

Someone who has a pretty good knowledge of the pillars of Aikido.

Someone who has learned to use less strength and find the mystical forces of Ki, which are really a set of mind sets along with proper body motions.

Someone who can give you hints and clues about the variations and techniques of Aikido without being stuck in the mode of only imparting what his teacher taught him/her, and his/her teacher taught him/her, and his teacher taught him/ her, and so on, so on, so on.

Someone who can tie together the various tecniques of Aikido in the form of transition but merely practices in class without teaching on a formal basis.

Someone, who may not have rank, but has practiced with many teachers third dan to shihan level.

Someone who asks teachers not to be gentle when doing techniques in practice, but please don't go crazy either.

Someone ... Someone ... well ...

If you are reading this...

that would be me.

So, I guess you will have to put a yes down to the question if you have read this, because you have just met someone who can connect all these things, and can explain many things, but still does not teach, nor do I have any desire to formally teach Aikido in any capacity.

Now, if you want to learn how we misuse many of the basic karate and jujitsu movements in a much softer method for Aikido, I can do that ... but I propably won't.

Most of you barely understand Aikido.

I am just getting a handle on the jigsaw puzzle ... so, no teaching ... just clues on how you can find the puzzle pieces.

Now, go change your answer to yes, if you haven't already?

(If you are not chuckling, you have no sense of humor. We should work on that too.)
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