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Interesting replies!

I like what you are doing with my chess comparison -- I love the analogy Brian made -- aikido as openings, endings, and concepts. I think that's what I love about aikido. And the feeling of flow and being in the zone during jiyuwaza is wonderful too. But there's a different feeling when there's a mind that you can feel on the other end of that flow, fencing with you.

Perhaps as Opher said, it is a different beast; I should just simply accept that I will not find that in aikido. And that is fine; I do the other stuff for my own reasons, not because I am running away from aikido.

Or maybe it comes down to this feeling that uke in my experience is not really encouraged all that much to counter nage. That is, instead of a mind on the other end of the flow, there is a sort of mindless physical entity having momentum and mass and some attached lever assemblies. That's a bit too strong; I know people do counter. But I have this nagging feeling that too much time is spent working with an implicit assumption that nage is (ought to be) better than uke.

I wonder, does anyone ever spend time just going through all the ways that a technique can be countered, and the counter-counters, etc.? I start to get a little tired of _only_ training in technique and flow.

Thanks for listening,


p.s. oh, and jeff, I have played Go also. Love the game, but I tend to play it more like my aikido training; I play for flow and position, but am not good at analyzing tight fights or counting stones.
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