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Hanmi Handachi

[quote]Nick wrote:
RICK wrote:
[i]BC wrote

BC, hamni handchi is an excellance source of training.
Agreed, but the idea from it is that seiza can be a rather inoppurtune position... more people would be content to kick you in the head if they saw u in seiza rather than try and grab a shoulder or reach down to punch you.

Not to mention the time it would take and the openings you would create for yourself.

as a sidenote rick, are you familiar with the terms ma-ai and re-ai?
I would heartly recommend that people check out Mr. Vasiliyev at
He hs a two video set on fighting from the round that is absolutely oustanding and will give you a new picture of what is possiblefrom that position. The techniques are quite compatible with Aikido principles.

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