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George S. Ledyard wrote:
We used to do a survey when people signed up. The average person had seen his first Aikido over two years before they came into the dojo. Since people move around so much basically they had seen someone elses demo if they had seen one. We have done demos with 200 people watching and not had one signup. On the other hand I stumbled onto a demo 23 years ago in DC that Saotome, Ikeda, and Dobson Senseis put on with the Yudansha of the newly opened DC dojo. They got one student from that fantastic demo but it was me. I was in the dojo the next week and have been on the mat 5 or 6 days a week since then. You just never know.
Good point and now I know someone. So perhaps they promote and build the art but do a lousy job at class size?
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