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I'm an American, and I must say that when I visit other dojo that use English language translations to describe the techniques, I get rather confused as to what is being said. This is because I've spent the majority of my training time in a dojo that used the Japanese terms exclusively.

The only Japanese I really understand is "Aikido and Judo" Japanese (although I'm working on learning Japanese well enough to carry on an everyday outside of the dojo conversation).

For me, the Japanese terms are as much a part of Aikido as the four basic principles. It's nice being able to visit dojo in countries other than the United States and understand what is being said, the Japanese terms are a nice equalizer. Not only that, but I've been able to browse dojo websites from the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany and understand the content, solely based upon the Japanese terms used.

For those of you who are not Americans, please don't place all of us in the same bowl. Take Care!

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