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Agree with the general gist of "keep the Japanese in aikido", but I can sympathise with Bruce as I haven't found an easy way of looking up the terms used in some of the previous threads. Honest, tried keeping various web-dictionaries open, perched the dog-eared "Japanese for the illiterate" on my lap and I still feel I'm missing what people are trying to describe. Going off some of the other posts of "what d'you call..." I don't think I'm totally alone (and I hate to think what non-native-English speakers have to go through).

What I'd really hope for is that some dedicated, competent saint out there in aikido-land could come up with a nice easy-to-use set of translation smilies that people could insert in their thread? The descriptions (not just English) could perhaps be done on the same basis as current posts are, with different interpretations listed. OK, so I'm greedy and would probably benefit greatly from learning Japanese properly instead (did try and my Japanese friends were very, er, polite anyway), but as I'm sometimes only semi-functional in English and poor-dire in French and German I'll take any help I can get.
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