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I have to agree with "Ta Kung" on the fact that this whole matter of language-difficulties seems to be an american problem almost exclusively.

"Big brother" will just have to deal that not everyone thinks american is always the better option...

I'm musician and italian works wonders as the "lingua franca" in music and has done so for many hundreds of years...


I was just wondering why we even NEED to discuss what the specific target of a shomen or yokomen uchi is.

Isn't it enough to stipulate them as general principles of what GENERAL angle of attack should be used. Depending on the speed of reaction or evasive move of an opponent, the blow could land virtually anywhere on top (shomen) or side of (yokomen) the head, the arm and/or upper trunk.

It could even MISS, god forbidd ;-)

This applies to other attacks too. You can't always expect to hit a designated rib, muscle etc. with a thrust or blow.

I thought that the whole principle of takemusu was to be adaptive to whatever attack came in. To acomplish that you would need to practice neutralizations of various incoming blows with respect to what general incoming directions they have and accordingly. That given i wouldn't care to much wether my opponent was aiming for my jaw or my temple as long as he's down there on the floor in the end and we're both all right.

/Jesper Arenskogh
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