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Jeff Tibbetts
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This is a great analogy© I think that Aikido and chess do have a lot in common, and it's great to make that connection© I wonder if you've ever played Go before? It's a Chinese game adapted in Japan, and it's also a strategy game between two people, in many ways more poplar in Japan than chess is here in America© I think that it's a lot more like Aikido in the sense that you really aren't in pure competition with the other opponent, as you have to capture territory and protect what you have© There is still the element of capturing the other players stones but it's not the focus of the game, it's something you do to exploit a weakness or create an opening© Anyway it's a great game and I think that there would be real value in practicing it with other like-minded people to improve your Aikido strategic thinking© Another thing that reminds me of Aikido is that when you really start to play it well you can "feel" the moves as they happen, it becomes a flow between you and your partner© It's a great feeling, you have that same sense of being "in the zone" that you get in a great practice session of Aikido©©© it can be hard to find in some places but check it out if you have the chance©

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