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"Every single man ought to have his own sewing machine just so he can hem his own pants."

From spending years in the business world, I can tell you that the old desk stapler does just fine on a pants hem.

As far as a hakama, I have had a poly-blend for about 8 years and like it very much. The knees have held up very well. And I hang it up after I get home after class. I have however, made the mistake of having the iron temp. set too high and I now have a very light iron mark on my "ura". The poly is easy to take care of, but I think my next hakama will be the aiki style from Bu Jin Design. I like the way it looks and how it hangs on the aikidoka.
Yours in Aikihood
Steve Nelson

Steve Nelson
Confront the enemy with the point of your sword against his face.
-Miyamoto Musashi, "A Book of Five Rings"
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