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Re: Show me your target?

Bruce Baker wrote:
There is only one practical overhead strike point and that is the collar bone ... that is unless you have a hand as hard as a hammer, then you might learn to strike the pressure points on the centerline of the skull?

So, the answer is ... you are aiming at targets on the side of the head that are activated by that angle and direction of strike, unlike shomenuchi where other targets of the knife like strikes to the neck, and some knuckle strikes to the jaw are viable.
I would suppose that the answer is that there is a difference between a training tool and an actual strike. Yoshimaru Keisetsu actually discusses that very issue in "Aikido no Kagaku", but he's really a Daito-ryu guy, so I don't know if that counts .
Bruce Baker wrote:
The point is probably this ... as long as we speak in code, using only Japanese terms, we are not going to clearly understand or properly teach the depth of techniques, and the be able to carry Aikido into the future.
Any particular term that you choose will be "code" to some linguistic group. Why is an English version better than a Japanese one?
Bruce Baker wrote:
Just what the heck are you actually doing, and where are the strikes supposed to be aimed at?
A technical discussion of strikes is a great thing, but that's different then naming. Any name (even in Swahili) doesn't prevent you from having a technical discussion over a particular physical movement.



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