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I think Mr Baker is saying if you use the japanese term please qualify it with the vernacular incase your wrong. I am confused about the shomenuchi to the side of the head comment, but in some places i have seen yoyumenuchi to mean the direction of the impact and not the actual focal point of the impact, while shomenuchi refered to any downward "cut" hence the japanese term for cutting down. a blade hand is "te katana" if i am not mistaken. The iron palm and the te katana are not quite the same in my humble opinion, but it doesn't hurt to learn how to actually hit someone, I mean when i work out i get a little put off by those who narrowly commit a real attack in their ukemi, my aikido rarly works unless the try to jit or move me. Just pretending or feaning an attack is not good for jiyuwaza, rondori maybe ok if i get to just let it go...

well off the subject i guess, sorry.

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