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Re: using improper word terms

Bruce Baker wrote:
All right ... we have all done this, used japanese terms for techniques, or use japanese terms to describe practices of our aikido, I say, stop it!
Japanese is the lingua franca used for aikido techniques and principles, whether you like it or not. Go train in a non-english speaking country and you will still be able to communicate about the techniques using the normal japanese terms.
Maybe the common codes of training are simple if a group of people use them enough, but the only way to be sure you are getting your point across is to talk in the particular language you are writing in, and if that means Italics,or parenthethis, or even common descriptive prose, then that should be the case.
Unfortunately you are forgetting that we are writting about aikido, so using part of the language of aikido is just normal.

Second, not all people on the forum are native speakers of the english language.

Third, all languages are different. Some ideas and words can easily be translated as others are difficult and only allow an partial and incomplete translation (That is why the french say : Traduire, c'est mourir!)
In our education of aikido, we certainly could benefit by clearly learning and getting correction from each other by trying to describe in our written endeavors what we pursue in our practice.
So what is wrong with doing that in a manner such that you learn the worldwide used terms as well? As an example: I visited a seminar with Donovan Wait Sensei here in the Netherlands this weekend. Due to the use of japanese names even the people that didnt speak english were able to understand his teachings and instructions.

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