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Bruce Baker
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using improper word terms

All right ... we have all done this, used japanese terms for techniques, or use japanese terms to describe practices of our aikido, I say, stop it!

If you are going to quote a japanese term, put the english equivelent in italics, or vice versa. Too many times I have seen Knife hand overhead strike to the side of the head area, shomenuchi, improperly displayed or incorrectly describe, and maybe it is time to either learn the correct meaning or correct way to teach the meaning. It sure ain't happening in most dojo's, most people don't even understand how to properly shape their hands for knifehand strike let alone how to use it?

Maybe the common codes of training are simple if a group of people use them enough, but the only way to be sure you are getting your point across is to talk in the particular language you are writing in, and if that means Italics,or parenthethis, or even common descriptive prose, then that should be the case.

Or should we each talk in the venacular of our homeland?

<Hey, you! Snake in the GRASS! Get ov'ah here! Didn't your mama or daddy teach you right?

You looking to square dance with rodeo bull, or are you just dancin' in the dark by da' light of da' moon?>

Or, it means, "Come here, you are having trouble doing the technique. What is your problem?"

Stop chopping the verbiage, and get some explanatory interogatory so I can get some meat on this sandwich, huh?

Can we do that ?

It doesn''t have to be the prose of my grandfather who had a 3rd grade education but learned from the school of hard knocks, nor should we need to use the old style undo physical abuse of the old days.

In our education of aikido, we certainly could benefit by clearly learning and getting correction from each other by trying to describe in our written endeavors what we pursue in our practice.

Or is it time to show the pictures of hand and fist forms so that they are translated into the correct teaching with the lost words of practice?

Sorry, another pet pieve. We really need to work on proper punches and strikes to make a more effective practice.
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