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Aikido Songs!

Hey all!
You all know about the "aikido songs"? well I took one and got the music and made a karaoke file of one!

It took a while but I did one. It is "killing me softly with nikkyo" Janet Rosen did the words.

if you would like to try it you need a karaoke player on your computer.

I found one for free, it is a little different. The web site for the player is….

Check it out, it will not let me attach it to the thread, if you want it i will e mail it,
my e mail is

if any one knows how to do it otherwise let me know please.

If any one would like others that are on the aikido faq page, let me know.

Your uke,

p.s. my advice, save the attachment on your desktop so it is easy to find, any questions, send me a message!

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