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It seems to me that senior students training 2-3 times a week in average do not very much appreciate someone who just started aikido, is dedicated to a 6 times a week practice, doesn't seem to have any problems learning the techniques fast and efficiently, and on the top of that, rightfully climbs the kyu ladder and is quickly catching up with them. It happened to me, and I almost lost my membership at the dojo, had to skip one exam, fail the other (to the surprise of all), so that I could regain some of my seniors' approval, and even now, almost none of my seniors take me as a partner during training unless there are no other options left. Honestly I believe that I really broke the dojo's harmony, and I very much regret that. The Japanese believe that the unity of the group is more important than the individuals forming it. We Westerners find difficulties accepting and understanding this concept, and we readily shout: Injustice. Eventhough I am still bitter about this matter, and lost some of my interest and illusions, I am still practicing 6 times a week, not for the belt, but for my own benefit, and for the fun of it. There is still one problem however: several new members followed my (good or bad)example and started coming to practice diligently every day, and are advancing in rank quickly, hopefully not too quickly...
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