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Bruce Baker
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bucket of rocks

What in the world are you training for if you are training for rank?

That should be the last thing on your mind. Rank is merely the acknowledgement of having gained proficientcy. As far as the pecking order is important, it is merely a way to maintain order. If your skills are progressing, who cares what others think?

Get a grip! It is both the way of society and the way of humanity to create some kind of order to prevent chaos ... although I do believe a shot of choas now and then does bring many a swelled head down to earth again.

Ain't no colored belt, or telling people you trained in this or that gonna save you when the line is drawn in the sand, at that point ... what you do will speak for itself. That, and that alone, is why you train ... to be ready, and able to deal with the situation at hand.

I shouldn't talk, it has taken me ten years to learn how to use technique over bodily strength, and that was only due to an illness that nearly left me beddridden. The physical authority of mastering martial arts, Aikido or any other art, is the easy path to bypassing the more important issue of polishing the stone of ones internal well being, as well as using the distraction of physical practice to force one to connect to the body and mind.

I would be happy to give you a bucket of rocks if you feel you must throw stones at the glass ceiling, but make sure it is not your own house, or the illusion of grandure that brings these thoughts and visions to your mind?

Yes, we are imperfect beings, and yes, there will be those dojos that have implimented the very system you are alluding to, but who cares?

It is your determination that lets you persevere to learn all you can from who ever you train with, and your awareness that allows you to move on when that training is done, or is going nowhere fast.

You want a black belt? I can name at least four martial arts within twenty miles of my home that will accomandate your wishes, but does that make you a practitioner of martial arts, or a short term street punk who can punch and kick a few rounds of practice sparring?

Don't be too upset, the thinking of the glass ceiling is quite normal in younger years before you approach the half century mark in age, just don't let it rule your life, or you truly will create the environment that you are alluding to.
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