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I would like the original poster of this thread to write back and clarify if there really is a system where you cannot be promoted until the person senior to you is promoted. I know of one organization that did this (maybe still does), and it left a number of aikidoka with 30 years of training at 2nd Dan. Is it that extreme, or is it possibly that the poster is some young upstart who has his/her required minimum hours and is not being allowed to test because the minimum is just that?

While I don't agree with the system of holding folks back to wait for their seniors, I also don't agree with letting folks test immediately because they have enough hours/days. It is important to have real time into aikido to be testing for more senior ranks (2nd kyu and above in this instance), instead of just rushing for the rank. I had an instance a number of years ago when a highly competitive young aikidoka told me that she was going to reach shodan before me, and she had been training for 8 months (had already reached 3rd kyu if you can believe it), and I had been training (3 times a week, consistently) for 13 years. I was appalled by that competitive attitude, and it was fostered by a system that allowed for testing after minimum hours. I had trained elsewhere for 8 years, had lost all my rank when I started at my new dojo, and took the tact of waiting for the teacher to "ask" me to test instead of signing up when I had the hours. That certainly didn't mean we were at the same level after her 8 months of training (BTW, she quit training after 1.5 years, and 8 years later, I am still training). Anyway, it might be that kind of competitive attitude that the dojo-cho is trying to avert.

Just my $.02
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