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Hello All,

I attended the Saotome Halloween Seminar this past weekend at Boulder Aikikai in Boulder, CO. It was my first visit to Boulder Aikikai and I found the Dojo to be very nice and the training atmosphere very friendly. I've attended seminars in the past where some attendees were a little snobby, I did not experience anything like that while attending the Halloween Seminar. I attended the Saturday class and found Saotome Sensei to be a wonderful instructor (of course, sometimes the point he was trying to make was a little hard to figure out; I think the understanding problem was on my end though). The facilities at Boulder Aikikai were excellent, eventhough (I'm guessing)there were at least 85 Aikido students at the seminar; the Dojo provided ample training room. If you have the opportunity to attend a seminar with Saotome Sensei, I recommend doing so. My thanks to Boulder Aikikai for hosting an enjoyable seminar.

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