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Have some hara

ca wrote:
i think several people have tried to get that message across on many of those threads you mentioned, usually 'shouted' down by the sheer number and/or tone of replies that announce that EVERYONE does Aikido for self defense and/or to maim, usually accompanied by detailed descriptions of same. there comes a time when you know to continue to state what others are not willing to hear is a waste of everyone's time.
I think this kind of points out one of the issues concerning Aikido. If you allow yourself to be discouraged and "shouted down" by those who are putting their ideas forward forcefully than your ideas won't be heard.

If your ideas have merit put them forth and believe in them. Develop the expertise to express them articulately and them stand behind them. Backing off because people were not supportive is kind of like the weak Aikido some of us are objecting to.

Everything is about balance. If the ideas of other people upset you then you need to look at what is inside you that is creating the upset. Often the upset comes from not wanting to hear something one is uncomfortable with beacuse recognizing it would demand change. Ther are probably things being said by the "martial folks" that you should be attending to not dismissing by backing away.

On the other hand, if you back away because the views of the other folks are distasteful, then they never get to hear the other side. And for sure there is another side that they need to hear. They need to get upset by ideas that challenge their own. If you don't challenge their preconceptions in the areas in which you disagree that is like doing Aikido with just tenkans. All you are doing is giving way. Try taking the center. In the end people who are sincere about their training will be helped, everybody else is just spinning wheels anyway.

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